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Do you have a farming question?
KBFA general advisors can help you access free agricultural information, resources, and expertise to support you with technical production.

  • Get assistance with technical production related to farm management (pests, water, soil & pasture)

  • Access info on BC Assessment farm status, insurance, land lease agreements, grants & production budgets

  • Collaborate with Basin Business Advisors, MOA, & applied research university programs


To connect, sign up online (KBFA sign up form) or contact us here 

 Farm Visits 
Do you need some one-on-one support?

KBFA general advisors will visit your farm to learn about your operation and discuss opportunities for support. Get to know us and book a farm visit with a general advisor today.

Book a farm visit
with a general advisor today.



Do you want to learn and connect with fellow farmers? 
Attend our field days and workshops that give farmers a chance to learn, connect and grow ideas.

Check out our events page to see what's coming up.

Who is Eligible?

KFBA services are free to agricultural producers in our region working towards commercial viability. The KBFA region is collectively the regional districts of Kootenay Boundary, Central Kootenay, and East Kootenay, and the Columbia Basin Trust region.

Who are the Advisors?

Specialist advisors, including government and university researchers, private sector consultants, and experienced producers, provide information to producers on specific issues. Meet our advisors here.

Signing up is the best way to let us know about your farm and how we can meet your needs:


Examples of KFBA Services

Technical service examples:

Pest management

  • Identification of mailed samples

  • Email support, diagnostics, and recommendations

Water management

  • Irrigation planning

  • Hydrology management, drainage and soakage

  • Riparian and wetland management

Soil management

  • Assistance with tests and analysis of soil chemistry and biology

  • Support with cover cropping, compost, mulching, and other soil building

Land access

  • Maps and information on soils, water, and climate

  • Assessments of land capability for agriculture

  • Assistance with lease agreements and other forms of tenure

Pasture and weed management

  • Invasive weed identification and control

  • Grazing management for pasture health and productivity

  • Forage management

Climate change adaptation

  • Crop selection

  • Contingency planning

Farm management

  • Efficient processes and quality products

  • Employees and volunteers

  • Finding markets and structuring the business


Educational service examples:

Field days​​
  • Visit farms to see new approaches in action

  • Agricultural experts speak on specific topics in the field 

  • Hands-on skills taught by experts

  • Webinars and seminars on technical knowledge

Information sharing​
  • Factsheets on best practices and existing knowledge

  • Updates on developing issues

  • Networking among farmers

Coordination service examples:

Business planning
  • Advice for infrastructure grants

Farm Status​
  • Assistance with BC Assessment Farm Status applications

Farm trials
  • Identify regional priorities for applied research

  • Work with producers and academics to run valid farm trials​


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