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2020 Agricultural Roundup in the Kootenays

This year, KBFA was busy with 20 field days and events for ranchers, farmers and fruit growers. Throughout the year, KBFA advisors visited over 100 farms, provided advice on 440 issues, and connected producers to outside experts 142 times. KBFA is an agricultural extension program that supports producers to improve agricultural production and efficiency by helping find solutions to farm-specific production issues, coordinating educational events and connecting producers to information.

COVID-19 could not hamper a spring and summer season of socially-distanced, outdoor field days! KBFA was able to successfully operate as normal during this season to continue supporting the region’s producers. Some events and workshops this year included a workshop on cows as wildfire management via targeted grazing, seed cleaning, orchard mulching and agri-tourism.

Throughout the summer, our advisors supported producers with COVID-19 support resources, pest management, soil testing and farmer-to-farmer networking. This fall, we’ve been busy with a virtual field day, providing one-on-one support and planning ahead for workshops in early 2021.

A big thank you to our region’s farmers who have worked so hard this season, despite the many challenges and to the KBFA program funders who are committed to support agriculture in our region: the Regional Districts of Central Kootenay, East Kootenay, Kootenay Boundary and The Columbia Basin Trust.

If you are interested in working with KBFA, email Rachael at to us to chat about the next steps and opportunities for your farm, ranch or food business. Connect with agriculture production in the region by following us on Instagram or check out our new blog at

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