Supporting Our Region's Producers


Industry presentation: Beef Cattle Nutrition, Forage & Feed Quality with Nutrisource Ltd.

Creston & Cranbrook, December 10/11

Field Day - Frost Seeding 

Radium Hot Springs, December 3

Field Tour - Silage Corn, Winter Grazing and Soil Health Research Project 

Rock Creek, October 10

Field Day - Cover Cropping (fall rye) at Kootenay Meadows Organic Dairy 

Creston, October 2

Field Day - Reduced Tillage and Cover Crops at Cutter Ranch

Fort Steele, October 1

Workshop & Field Tours - Regenerating Soil Life and Health with Nicole Masters

Greenwood, September 25, 26, 27

Field Day - Orchard Mulching Field Trial

Creston, July 22

Field Day - Soil Health Research Project (Tillage Radish to Improve Soil Water Infiltration) 

Rock Creek, June 28

Field Day - Onion Production

Grand Forks, June 24

Presentation - Irrigation Design and Water Management with BC Ministry of Agriculture

Invermere, April 2 & Creston, April 3

Webinar - Organic Soil Management and Monitoring with Ruth Knight

Online, March 26

Webinar - Introduction to Agricultural Soils with the BC Ministry of Agriculture 

Online, March 21

Workshop - Improve your Beekeeping with Pedersen Apiaries

Cranbrook, March 2

Workshop - Food Safety Certification for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables (Canada GAP)

Grand Forks, April 25 & 26

Creston, February 19 & 20 

Presentation - Lean Farming with Ben Hartman

Kimberley, January 21

Presentation - Sustainable and Profitable Farming with Steve Kenyon

Cranbrook, January 9 & Greenwood, January 10



Soil Testing Field Day

Rock Creek, October 12

Market Garden Field Day

Salmo and Slocan Valley, October 1

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The Kootenay & Boundary Farm Advisors are here to support commercial producers and farmers in the Kootenay & Boundary region. 

We offer one-on-one technical advising, farm visits, access to resources and free events. 

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