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COVID - 19 and in-person field days

  • KBFA is following Health Canada and Worksafe BC recommendations for COVID-19 for in-person events.

  • If non-essential travel restrictions are brought back, the field days will be postponed. 

  • All activities are hosted outside in a spacious setting.

  • STAY HOME if you don't feel well. 

Field Day
Grazing Management & Soils with Norm Ward


Wednesday, July 14

12:30 pm - 4:30 pm (MST)

Norm Ward is the owner of Range Ward, Innovative Tools & Solutions used in the Management of Regenerative Ecosystems and he is the previous owner of Round-Up Ranch in Alberta where he used regenerative agricultural practices for over thirty years to restore the soil and productivity of the land.


At this field day Norm will discuss his approach to holistic and regenerative land management and the incorporation of livestock to build soil. Participants will be refreshed on the principles of grazing management and introduced to new concepts such as the soil microbiome.

This in-person field day will take place at the beautiful Karchuk Ranch near Kimberley, BC. The event may go virtual depending on the C-19 situation.

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Field Day: Integrated vegetable, herb, and fruit tree systems: a permaculture approach 

Sand Creek Organic Farm, Grand Forks, BC

Tuesday, July 20

3:00 pm - 5:30 pm (PDT)

Join Dieter and Elizabeth Bay at their 38 acre organic farm up the North Fork to learn about integrating vegetable, herb, berry and fruit tree production using biodynamic and permaculture principles. Participants will witness a meticulously planned farm with a wide range of crops produced on warm, south facing slopes and discuss water conservation techniques, plant nutrition, crop planning, pest management and nutrient cycling. 


Biography: Sand Creek Organics: 

Sand Creek Organics started in 2012 with a sloped 4 acre integrated orchard and garden, with pear, cherry, apricot and apple trees. Berries, trees, shrubs and flowers are integrated into the orchard with an emphasis on attracting pollinators and beneficial insects for integrated pest and weed management. There is a strong focus on growing and wild harvesting medicinal plants and creating tea blends for specific purposes including drying powerful greens for a strong herbally infused powder. 90% of their vegetables are from seeds harvested from the farm. Sand Creek sells produce, berries and value-added products to the Kettle Valley Food Co-op and private customers.

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Field Day: Growing Your Herd Locally - genetics, traits, and characteristics for local beef production

McCormack Farm, Burton, BC

Thursday, July 22

3:00 pm - 5:30 pm (PDT)

Attend this field day to hear from local farmer and rancher Forest McCormack about his experiences growing and raising his beef herd through the last decade. Forest will draw on his local knowledge about desirable traits for breeding, size, resilience and animal health. Discussions about local resources and knowledge to support animal husbandry and stockmanship will be well suited to new farmers and small scale beef producers in the Kootenay and Boundary region. 

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