Supporting Our Region's Producers

Archive of Former Advisors

Stan Harder
Cattle Ranching and Breeding

Grand Forks, BC: Red Angus stock breeder and beef producer for 30 years in Alberta; Former president of the NE Alberta Beef Breeders Association; Writer for Canadian Cattlemen, Grainnews, Glacer Farmedia, and other industry publications; Former Director of Marketing for the baking industry in Western Canada.

Myra Juckers, BSc, PAg

Myra's passion for ecological restoration and community involvement developed at Trent University where she specialized in ecosystem management and indigenous environmental studies. Her skills in planning and executing field studies, data collection, and analysis resulted in key contributions to two scientific studies. As an ecologist at KES, Myra has been involved in a wide range of projects including terrestrial ecosystem mapping and rare plant surveys. She has managed several projects, including invasive plant management on a First Nations reserve and native plant revegetation research.

Jessica Lowey, BSc
GIS Technician

Jessica is an environmental scientist with an extensive background in environmental consulting. She completed her undergraduate thesis in soil science with a certificate in geomatics, and is completing her MSc in Environmental Practice through Royal Roads University exploring the use of compost to promote the establishment and productivity of native plant species. Jessica has worked in the oil and gas and forestry industries, performing environmental assessments and wildlife surveys, sampling and identifying soils and vegetation, and sampling and monitoring water.​