Supporting Our Region's Producers


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The Kootenay & Boundary Farm Advisors (KBFA) is an agricultural extension program that provides producers with free, technical production support and information.

We offer technical, educational and coordination services. 

KBFA supports producers to improve agricultural production and efficiency by helping find solutions to farm-specific production issues, coordinating educational events and connecting producers to information.

Information & Resources

Do you have a farming question? Connect with an advisor today.

Kootenay & Boundary general advisors can help you access free agricultural information, resources, and expertise to support you with technical production.

To address your question, general advisors may connect you with an expert advisor.


To connect, sign up online (KBFA sign up form) or contact us here 

 Farm Visits 

Do you need some one-on-one support?

KBFA general advisors will visit your farm to learn about your operation and discuss opportunities for support. Reach out to us to discuss opportunities and challenges related to commercial agriculture.




Do you want to learn and connect with fellow farmers? 



Attend our field days and workshops to learn, connect and grow ideas.

KBFA hosts events on a wide variety of topics, sectors and locations that are based in the agricultural sciences. 


  • Check out our events page to see what's coming up

  • See past events for archived event summaries and photos

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Who is Eligible?
KFBA services are free to agricultural producers in the Kootenay and Boundary region working towards commercial viability. The KBFA region is collectively the regional districts of Kootenay Boundary, Central Kootenay, and East Kootenay, and the Columbia Basin Trust region.

Who are the Advisors?

General advisors are consultants who live in the Kootenay and Boundary region, have backgrounds in the agricultural sciences and local agricultural knowledge. General advisors are your first point of contact for agricultural extension services.  

Expert advisors include government and university researchers,the BC Ministry of Agriculture, private sector consultants and experienced producers. Expert advisors are often based outside of the Kootenay region and they provide information to producers on specific issues. A general advisor will connect you to an expert advisor based on the individual needs of each producer. 

How is KBFA Funded?

KBFA is funded by the Regional Districts of Kootenay Boundary, Central Kootenay, and East Kootenay, and the Columbia Basin Trust.