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Webinar Series: Irrigate Better with Bruce Naka 
April - June 2021

If you irrigate on your farm — or plan to, large or small scale — then this four-part webinar series by irrigation designers Bruce Naka and Andrew Bennett will help you save time, save money, and grow more with better irrigation practices.

Based on common problems and great solutions Bruce and Andrew have observed on farms across the Kootenay and Boundary regions, they've condensed the core fundamentals of good design and management into a few short sessions.

Watch recorded presentations and discussion/question time with Andrew and Bruce. 

April 28
• "Irrigation Anatomy" introduces the A to Z of irrigation, from intakes and wells, through the maze of components for ideal pressure, flow, and water quality, out to headers, laterals, and emission systems.

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May 12
• "Design Part 1" takes the mystery out of design, with a strong focus on sizing lines and laying out laterals to meet your farm's needs based on principles of hydraulics.

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May 26

• "Design Part 2" looks at delivery equipment, from subsurface drip to wheelmoves to pivots and guns, comparing differences in efficiencies, application rates, uniformity, labour, maintenance, and cost.

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