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Supporting Our Region's Producers

Soil Health: "What’s in Your Soil's Bank Account"
February 26, 2020

Norm Dueck of Heartland Soil and Crop Solutions and A & L Canada Laboratories discussed essential nutrients for optimal crop productivity and how to make sense of your soil tests. The group reviewed and interpreted local soil test results at this event with group discussion.


Presenter: Norm Dueck

Norm along with Rosella and their three teenage children live in the Nechako Valley of Central BC. Norm has been involved in agriculture along the Hwy 16 corridor for the past 20 years as a consultant/crop advisor. From 1999 through June of 2015 he worked for a local Ag Retailer butsince 2015 has been working as an independent crop consultant for beef, dairy and grain farmers. He personally owns a quarter section which is rented to a local grower which allows him the opportunity to put into practice some of the things he “preaches”. Norm’s approach to agronomy is one of balance. If your soil nutrients are in proper balance to each other, your crop will show it and you will love it! His passion and love for agriculture has never been stronger!

Date: Wednesday, February 26

Time & Location: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm, Selkirk College, Grand Forks